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Doctor Checking a Form


In order to keep us all as Healthy & Safe as possible…

Please ensure that your child has a Health inventory form and an updated Immunization record on file. If this is your first year at Memorial and you did not provide an immunization record please send me a copy (no pictures please). If your Mustang received any immunization updates during the summer please bring/send an updated record to campus.

Immunization Requirements 


Kinder thru 12th

MEDICATIONS on campus will require HISD paperwork/MD orders/labeled prescription bottle or box (over the counter products require a label i.e. Benadryl) before any medications are accepted by the nurse. All medications must be turned in to the nurse. Teachers/staff cannot accept medications/paperwork. The nurse must review all medications/paperwork to ensure accuracy and for the safety of the student(s). Students old enough to self-carry & self-administer medication (such as an inhaler) require MD paperwork, as well. NO EXCEPTIONS! Houston ISD required forms are listed below.



Practice hygiene tips with your Mustangs - i.e. *hand wash/sanitize hands before eating/drinking or after playing outside, *cover sneezes & coughs


FEVER If your Mustang has a temperature of 100F/37.8C degrees or greater, please keep them home. You can reach out to me via email/Parent Square. Your Mustang will be sent home for temperature at/greater than 100F/37.8C  degrees. If your Mustang does not look or is not acting like their usual self, they are probably not feeling the best. Feel free to reach out to let me know if your Mustang will be staying home.


COVID-19 If your Mustang has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19  – PLEASE DO NOT SEND your Mustang to school and reach out to me.

Communicable Disease Chart – Guidance for when your Mustang should stay home & rest

Parent Square is a great resource for parent/school staff communication & dissemination of important (non-emergent) information. Alternatively, you can EMAIL THE NURSE HERE.

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