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About Memorial Elementary


Mission Statement:  Memorial Elementary is the school of choice for Houston families because we nurture the total development of every student, so they can become critical thinkers, responsible decision makers, and college-ready learners. This is accomplished through rigorous differentiated instruction with the active participation of parents, community members, teachers, and students.


Memorial Elementary is situated on part of what was Camp Logan, a military training facility for soldiers during World War I.  More than 25,000 soldiers trained from August 1917 to March 1919 in preparation for overseas duty.  The camp had a library, a hospital, tow, newspapers, and the soldiers lived in tents.  The main entrance to the camp was located at what is presently the traffic roundabout at Washington Avenue and Westcott Street.


According to school records, Memorial Elementary was established in 1926 to replace the old Roberts Elementary School which was in the original Camp Logan Red Cross building.  Since 1926 Memorial Elementary has had nine principals:

  • D.W. Donovan            1926-1946

  • Geneva Carl               1946-1954

  • Louise Robert             1954-1960

  • Elizabeth Hunt            1960-1968

  • Doris Mills                  1968-1982

  • Thelma Garza             1982-1989

  • Arturo Castillo             1989-2013

  • Mechiel Rozas             2013-2015

  • Maria Teresa Garcia     2015 - 2021

  • Jose Hilario Cordova    2021- 2023

  • Angela Laverne            2023 - Present

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