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What are Socials?

Socials are a great way to raise funds for Memorial PTO and can serve as fun opportunities to build community amongst Memorial families.  Socials are hosted by Memorial families and can be for adults only, kids only, or both!  


How do Socials work?

Hosts set the date, price, location, and number of attendees.  Events can be open to all students or to those in certain grade levels.  The events are posted on PTO's website and advertised via the Mustang Stampede and via social media channels. Families who wish to attend a Social will purchase tickets on PTO's website.  A list of ticketed attendees will be provided by PTO to the Host(s). And then the fun begins!


Who pays to host the Socials?

Hosts cover the cost of the event, and 100% of the proceeds go back to Memorial PTO. It's like a donation, but way more fun! Socials can be at a host's home, at the school*, or at a separate venue entirely. 


How do I sign up to host?

If you or a group of Memorial friends want to host a Social and have a theme ready to go, simply email PTO at with the details and we will advertise and sell tickets for you. If you want to host a Social but need help with a theme or idea, we got you! Just send us an email.

I want to go to a Social but it's so awesome that it's already sold out.

PTO will maintain a wait list for each Social, as needed. You will be contacted in the event a ticketed attendee can no longer attend. 

What if I bought a ticket to a Social but now I can't go?

Socials are considered a fundraiser for the PTO. As such, both the cost to host an event and the ticket cost are considered a donation and are non-refundable. You are, however, welcome to find another Memorial family member to purchase the spot from you, or PTO can contact someone on the waitlist. If another person will attend in your place, please email so we can update the Host.  


Wait, I still don't understand what a Social is. Can I get an example?  

Totally! Here are two scenarios:


- Amanda, a 4th grade Memorial parent, remembers fondly her days of kickball when she was in elementary school and thinks an epic parent vs. student kickball tournament would be so much fun.  She decides to host it on October 12th in the Spark Park.  She wants it to be for students and one of their adults, grades 3rd - 5th. She will provide music and competition and will cover the cost of water and pizza. Amanda thinks 15 adults and 15 kids would be a great number and sets the price at $10 per person.  She emails PTO and they set up the portal for families to purchase tickets and help her advertise it to 3rd-5th grade families.  A week before the event, she gets a list of attendees, orders the pizzas and lets the fun begin!  Boom - Amanda raised $300 for the PTO and Memorial families got to hang out together! Win - Win.


- Chris, a Kinder parent, has a buddy who is a sommelier and would like to host a Social in his home. It will be a Sip and Learn session with various wines paired with food led by his sommelier friend on November 9th from 5-7pm.  He will provide the wine and snacks. It will be open to adults only and he wants to limit the attendees to10 Memorial parents, regardless of their student's grade level. Chris sets the price to $40 per person. He emails and PTO sets up the portal for Memorial parents to purchase those 10 tickets. A week before the event, he gets the list of attendees from PTO so he can ensure there is enough wine for everyone. Let the sipping begin! Boom - Chris just made $400 for PTO and some new wine-loving friends too!  Thanks for hosting, Chris - Vino Veritas.

Got it, what do I do now?

Whether you've been prepping for this moment your whole life, or you have no idea where to start....if you would like to host a Social to support Memorial PTO, please email to get started.  If you simply want to attend a Social, be on the lookout for the fun!

*Alcohol is prohibited on school property. After hours use of the school campus must be approved by Principal Lavergne. PTO will help facilitate this if needed*

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